LYNCH EISINGER DESIGN Architects (LED) is a New York City based architecture firm whose work includes architectural and interior design, furniture as well as consulting for industry. Everything we do is premised on the understanding of the built environment as a physical and cultural landscape with tangible and social implications. Our approach is to place materials and methods of construction above formal preconceptions, as we work our way through each project in response to particulars of place, time, function, and client goals. For each set of circumstances, we strive to identify and utilize the appropriate crafts and technologies, through ongoing investigation and innovation. We are committed to research through our built work, which provides a three dimensional laboratory which cannot be simulated through other modes of practice. In this context, material decisions are given priority over design theory, ensuring that physical experience supersedes the ideas that form it.

It is our conviction that good design should be assertive but not imposing; should both structure and adapt to our lives. Good design should possess internal rigor and efficiency, but must also transcend that rigor to enhance human experience. We achieve good design by understanding our clients’ needs, understanding construction, and paying attention to details.